Social Media Recruitment Ads For Recruitment Agencies

Understand how Social Media can play an important role in your agency.

How can social media recruitment ads
change your agency?

If we look at all the major recruitment platforms such as Indeed, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Local Work etc. They all have assets that make their platform powerful. Such as the job listings a high volume of traffic and the support of agencies and employers posting jobs continuously on their website. Agencies and employers keep giving those platforms power.

Social Media recruitment ads give you the oppurtunity to build assets that work as part of a system to build your agencies independent authority. Keeping your potential and current candidates engaged with relevant job listings and information effecting their careers. 

Where to start your agencies social recruitment campaigns?

There are a few key places to start your social recruitment ads campaign: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. All three platforms have different strengths when it comes to recruiting, so it’s important to utilize all of them. For example, LinkedIn is great for finding passive candidates, while Facebook is good for targeting specific groups of people. Twitter is useful for branding and building relationships with potential candidates.

What assets can you create for
your recruitment agency?

We often get asked what are assets? It’s quite simple, controllable intellectual property thats is owned by your recruitment agency. Such as websites, social media pages, emails lists and retageting audiences. Then using these assets as part of a system to create continuous engagement and applications.

Tips From Our Last Q&A

Stop Using Recruitment Platforms!

Don't click away... hear us out.

Recruitment agencies should stop using platforms like Indeed because it is a sub-optimal platform for finding quality candidates. The vast majority of Indeed’s users are either not actively seeking new employment, or they are low-quality candidates who are not worth the time and resources of a recruitment agency. Moreover, Indeed’s interface is not designed for identifying and recruiting top talent.

This is where utilizing the assets you own can be so valuable. Your agency website is being under valued. You have the ability to create relevant content to drive your talent pool to and track their engagement.

Imagine knowing how and when one of your candidates saw the latest salary guide or took the next step in applying for a job in real-time. Take control of your agency with The Social Recruiters.

Your analytics aren’t just numbers, they tell a story


Understand how many times your audience sees your ad and why it matters.

Engagement Rating

How do your potential candidates engage with your ads? A key analytic.


Click through rate and user experience contribute to the success of your ad campaign.

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