Case Study

Healthcare Social Recruiting

When The Social Recruiters started our partnership with a large Recruitment Marketing Agency, we initially did some training and consulting on social media advertising best practices and campaign set-up. This arrangement quickly turned into managing and executing large-scale Facebook and Instagram social recruitment campaigns for their client who was recruiting nationally for positions in the medical sector.

Initial Goals

Audit Facebook Assets & Accounts


Increase The Number of Healthcare Applicants


Create Optimized Landing Pages


Track Performance & Provide In-Depth Insight


Our Shift in Strategy & Execution

After completing our audit and creating a new ad account because the old one was connected to someone who’d left the organization, we implemented the campaign goals and ran ad-hoc Facebook and Instagram Employment Ads for different company locations.

The following recommendations were made to maximize ad spend and conversions, improve the quality of applicants, and address reputation management that affected the campaign performance in certain areas.

1. Maximize the ad spend and conversions

We reviewed the results for each location and realized that we couldn’t accurately compare the results between campaigns because the client wanted slightly different location targeting for each posting.

We made the following recommendations:

  • Update ad creative to include real employees that showed the joy of working on the team
  • Create a library of ads we could use for various positions so we could address ad creative fatigue before it negatively affected performance
  • Re-structure the campaigns so they were organized by location and Facebook audience criteria (Link Click campaign vs Landing Page Campaign). The location and audience would need to always be the same so we could track audience behavior better and tweak creative or budget if necessary.

2. Improve the quality of candidates

Because our end client was a large organization with multiple locations across the country, there needed to be a variety of stakeholders involved to source how many applications they were receiving and how many of those candidates turned into hires.

We made the following recommendations:

  • Make it a top priority for our client to find the applicant and hire numbers attributed to the method in which they found the job
  • We update the ad copy and creative related to hiring incentives and qualifications in order to test which copy converted better

3. Ensure reputation management was being addressed

People often tagged friends and family they thought would be interested in the position, but others used our ads’ comments as a place to complain about the brand. Left alone other people would comment on the negative comments which negatively impacted the brand and the campaign.

We made the following recommendations:

  • Create a triage process to review and address the ongoing comments for brand reputation management
  • Involve departments like Communications to create a few variations of answers related to questions being asked in the comments
  • Create a general FAQ for applications and point people with questions to the page

The Outcomes

Initially, our Recruitment Marketing Agency client wanted us to take on the project management, some account management and essentially work as the social media recruitment arm of their agency. This entailed weekly and monthly calls with them and their client where we reviewed metrics, the insight from the numbers, and recommendations for the next steps.

The plan was to take on this part of the business but train them to eventually take over the campaigns on their own.

In just over a year we did just that.

During our time executing their healthcare client’s campaigns we were able to achieve the following results:

  • 81K average impressions
  • $480 average monthly budget
  • $2.93 Cost Per Result

Overall Value to our Recruitment Marketing client:

  • Hands-on training running successful social media recruitment ads
  • A happy client that progressively increased the number of campaigns from 2-3 campaigns per month to 8-15 campaigns per month
  • A trusted partner and advisor that promptly replied to their client requests and worked as an extension of their business

““Shannon and Scott supported our Social Media initiatives and met the requirements to manage our Facebook/Instagram campaigns. They created and set-up landing pages with tracking to provide us with insights to action and optimize our campaigns on a regular basis.””

Program Manager – Recruitment Marketing Agency

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