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What is social media recruitment?

Social media recruitment is the process of using social media platforms to identify and attract potential employees. This can be done by posting job opportunities on social media, or by searching for and contacting potential candidates directly. Social media recruitment can be an effective way to reach a large number of potential employees quickly and efficiently.

What platforms are best for
recruitment on social media?

There are many different social media platforms that can be used for recruitment purposes. Some of the most popular platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Each of these platforms has its own unique benefits that can be leveraged to find top talent. LinkedIn is great for connecting with professionals in your industry, while Facebook and Twitter can be used to reach a wider audience.

What social media marketing assets
can you create for your company?

There are many social media marketing assets that you can create for your company. These include creating a strong online presence, developing relationships with customers and prospects, and creating valuable content. By taking the time to create these assets, you will be able to better market your company and its products or services.

Tips From Our Latest Q&A

Why shouldnt we use Indeed or
another recruitment platform?

Think Differently...

There are many reasons why your company should use social media for recruitment. One reason is that it can help connect you with a larger pool of potential candidates. Additionally, using social media for recruitment can help give our company a more modern and professional image. While building a talent pool that you can engage with at any time.

Platforms such as Indeed, Monster and Zip Recruiter all have the assest on their platform giving them the control of engagement. Meaning your job listing is competing with businesses like yours.

You also have the power to share content and job information that you can’t share on the recruitment platforms such as salary guides, work environments and educational walkthroughs that make your business more appealing in the moment than just a generic job listing.

Your analytics aren’t just numbers, they tell a story


Understand how many times your audience sees your ad and why it matters.

Engagement Rating

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Click through rate and user experience contribute to the success of your ad campaign.

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