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Find the Right Hires for Less with our Social Media Recruitment System

Social Media
Recruiting Strategy

Our social media recruiting strategy is different from the typical process of creating a social media post on your company’s pages and asking employees to share it OR manually prospecting on LinkedIn to find candidates. Although these tactics are a good starting point for promoting your jobs, they don’t always get the volume of qualified candidates you need to fill a position.

How are these strategies working for you?

Maybe you’ve found candidates here and there but are these systems CONSISTENTLY delivering the VOLUME of applicants needed to FILL your positions?

There’s an answer…

​Meet your client’s hiring targets FASTER with LESS media budget and take your Recruitment Agency to the next level!

The expert’s in social recruitment from The Social Recruiters are tenured marketing professionals with over 20 years of marketing experience of social media marketing. 

Social Media Recruitment Results

Achieve a 50% less Cost Per Click than the industry average for employment and get granular data on job seeker behavior as they interact with your customized landing page. Meaning increased reach and applications from your monthly marketing budget!

Some Of Our Results
Less Than Half Of The Industry Average!


Learn How to Sell Social Recruitment Ads

As a recruitment agency, delivering results for your clients is name of the game. Get trained on how to sell social media recruitment with our virtual workshop.


Get Trained on How to Execute Campaigns

Depending on your vertical and budget we develop customized training programs so your team can execute social recruitment campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google.


Outsource Your Social Recruitment Marketing

t’s not only the setup and structure of your content assets to segment your audience for retargeting but it’s the ongoing updates that take experience and hours in your busy day.

How We Are Different

What's Included

  • 100% Whitelabel Social Media Recruitment Solution for Agencies
  • Managed Event Tracking & Landing Page Optimization
  • Candidate Screening Questionnaire During The Application Process
  • Dedicated Project Managers
  • Custom Audience Development
  • Industry Leading Cost Per Click
  • Higher Engagement Ratings
  • Detailed Analytical Reporting
  • Cost Per Application Analysis
  • Creative Fatigue Management
  • Internal Training & Development Options

Your analytics aren’t just numbers, they tell a story


Understand how many times your audience sees your ad and why it matters.

Engagement Rating

How do your potential candidates engage with your ads? A key analytic.


Click through rate and user experience contribute to the success of your ad campaign.

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Join recruitment agencies across North America in leveling up their recruitment advertising on social media and search engines. The Social Recruiters aims to boost your revenue and marketing capabilities. Think of us as an arm of your business that you can use when needed.

Add a new revenue stream for your business

Cost-effectively expand your client's candidate pool

Decrease your Marketing Cost Per Aquisition

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