Social Recruiting (v.): The practice of using data, analytics, conversion optimization, and social media to help surface and convert the ideal candidates.

– Travis Wright, CCP Global’s Chief Marketing Technologist


Social recruiting takes your positions beyond job boards and puts them where candidates already are, resulting in high job visibility and immediate results!


Leverage micro-targeted social advertising to surface and attract the highest quality candidates – including those who aren’t actively looking for a job!


Recruiting with social media makes the hiring experience more applicant friendly and effective. It strenghtens your employer brand.

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We use data, analytics, paid social advertising, micro-targeting, retargeting, custom landing pages and data science to help you locate your best candidates. 

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What we believe.

We believe that a recruiter’s time should be spent with candidates who come to their door and want to explore a new opportunity. We believe that making a recruiter’s job more efficient is our priority. We empower our clients and increase efficiency by providing recruiting solutions using innovative technologies. Our services make talent acquisition simple for you!

Empowering you.

We work to understand your recruiting goals and challenges. Our primary focus is driving candidates to you. Our services empower you to spend your day deciding who to hire — not where to look. We make you the social media savvy company.


We partner with you to determine the best plan for your company. Every business has unique recruiting needs, and our flexible and scalable plans vary depending on the number of hiring categories. We work with your team to find the best solution.


Our engagement is on a flat rate established at the beginning of our work together. We do not take commissions on any hires. It is your choice who you hire — and we don’t feel we should skim anything off the top!


We work within all different hiring fields. Do you have recruiting goals? Do you want to amplify your recruiting and employer brand? Need more applicants? If so, then we can assist, regardless of your industry or the size of your company.


Getting started is easy! Simply fill out the contact form and we will be in touch. We look forward to the opportunity to empower your company and help you accomplish your recruiting goals.

“This is brilliant work! The volume and quality of candidates exceeded expectations . . . it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd!”

Izabela Puchala

Director, HR - EMEA, Ensighten

“Our recruiting immediately picked up from the ads. It’s a fantastic online recruiting vehicle for us. We use many CCP Global digital services.”

Tim Curtis

SVP, Marketing, Jack Stack BBQ

Passive Candidates: How to Source Them Without Being a Passive Recruiter

Passive Candidates: How to Source Them Without Being a Passive Recruiter

By: Peter Redlingshafer Digital Consultant,  CCP Digital  Posting a job on social media can quickly become every recruiter’s worst nightmare. A job listing on Twitter is left unanswered; a LinkedIn posting turns into wasted time. Social media can be a dead end if candidates do not engage. Why use social media to recruit? People often hesitate to try something new, especially when it results in wasting time, resources, or money. So why risk becoming involved with social media? Companies advertise products to you via Facebook news feed. Businesses advertise through LinkedIn to gain your sales team leads… and they pay to get that message to an audience like you.   So….. Why not use these methods in recruiting?! Social media platforms have transformed into a “pay to play” advertising space. In order for your targeted audience to see your message, you have to use paid social advertising.   Now let’s talk about Social Recruiting. The most qualified candidates are within your reach if you access them through the right channels. By taking your message to proven platforms and micro-targeting your ideal skill sets, you expose candidates to your employer brand and put the amazing opportunity to work with your company, right in their hands. Today’s talented candidates aren’t checking job boards… they are scrolling through Facebook or tweeting about their day on the phone during lunch or at the gym. Leverage innovative thinking and beat your competition to the top talent by leveraging mobile responsive career pages. 798 million Facebook users indicated they use both desktop and mobile; of these 581 million indicated they exclusively use mobile only. Candidates must be... read more
Social Recruiting Strategies to Save Your Job

Social Recruiting Strategies to Save Your Job

Do you want to turn passive candidates into active candidates? How about securing the absolute best value in talent acquisition? Social recruiting can do both with only a few clicks, and yet it’s a strategy that many human resources (HR) departments, head hunters and other employers are overlooking. The good news is that Jobvite reports 94 percent of recruiters currently use social media, or plan to in the future. Are you part of that quickly growing demographic? Unfortunately, finding the “best” candidate can be frustrating, overwhelming and seemingly impossible. They’re out there, but are probably already taken. Luckily, just like in dating, you may be able to lure them away from their current position if you’re appealing enough. You can find “passive candidates” — those open to a new position should it be offered, but not actively looking — if you play your cards right. With social recruiting, you can lure in passive candidates and active ones alike. Make a Pass(ive) at Them Recruiters can pinpoint a number of candidates on social media, but the Aberdeen Group reports that 73 percent of Millennials (18-34 year olds) scored their last job via social media. It works, especially for the younger talent. If you already have your eye on someone and know their work is top quality, start there. Maybe you’ve used an app they created that was outstanding—there’s your potential developer. Perhaps you received premium customer service. You’ve just identified a potential customer service rep. Match the platforms to the job opening if applicable. There’s more than Facebook and Twitter, plus 89 percent of recruiters say they’ve hired a person... read more
How Recruiting Analytics Takes Talent Acquisition From Gut to Great

How Recruiting Analytics Takes Talent Acquisition From Gut to Great

The days of making recruiting decisions based on gut instincts alone are fading fast. An article published last year by the Harvard Business Review says that “humans are very good at specifying what’s needed for a position and eliciting information from candidates — but they’re very bad at weighing the results.” The authors found that simple computer algorithms outperform human decisions by at least 25 percent, “regardless of whether the job is on the front line, in middle management, or in the C-suite.” While there is obviously value in having recruiters and hiring managers who possess good people instincts, it has become even more essential that recruiters and hiring managers also have reliable data on which they can base their sourcing, screening, and hiring decisions. In the escalating global competition for talent, instincts alone aren’t enough, especially when it comes to answering complex and nuanced questions such as: Are your candidates closely aligned with your organization’s mission and culture? Will they be engaged in the work you give them? Will they stay for the long term or leave you high and dry in six months? Do they have the skills — or the propensity to develop the skills — you’ll need a year from now? Two years from now? Five? Recruiters and hiring managers have relied too heavily on instincts to answer these kinds of questions in the past. With the tools and technology available in recruiting software today, employers can take a far more scientific, data-driven approach. In fact, with a total talent solution in place, you can answer five crucial questions that will significantly enhance your recruiting... read more